Friday, October 22, 2004

Halloween.... This is so stupid

I do not understand what the big deal is. Maybe because all I have done this year is put fall flowers in my ceramic pumpkin. But, for some reason I do not get it. Halloween is on October 31. I got that. But every radio station this morning was talking about Halloween might be on Saturday, or it might be on Sunday. So, in the famous words of Seinfeld I ask, "What's the deal?"

I think it was my freshman year of high school when Halloween fell on a Tuesday. It was the first time I did not go trick-or-treating. I was so bummed about it too. I dressed up as a flasher at school that day and even won second place for my grade level. I was wearing my long raincoat and underneath I had on shorts, a t-shirt and a camera. When someone asked what I was I would open my coat and flash would go off on the camera and they got it. I thought it was pretty clever. Unfortunately for me, I had my first French test the next day so I would not be joining the family for trick-or-treating that night. And Halloween was not moved to the weekend so I could be a part of it. No, Halloween was still on Tuesday and everyone was out on the same night. No one came on Monday and we did not have any stragglers on Wednesday. Just Tuesday, October 31st.

So, I am trying to understand what the heck everyone is getting so excited about here? Why is there an issue on what night kids will be out trick-or-treating??? I heard about one city here that has claimed that Halloween will begin at 6 PM on Saturday. That is October 30th. Halloween is not on October 30th.

I do not get it, I just do not get it. As for me, hubby and puppy, we will be ready for trick-or-treaters on Sunday evening. If they come on Saturday evening, they are out of luck. We will not have candy on October 30th, we will only have it on October 31st which is Halloween.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Just Running Away

Have you ever stopped one day and thought about how life just seems to run away from you? Fall has always been a time of the year that I think I become more reflective, more adventurous and more reminiscent.

Football season (Fall) reminds me of going to Falcons games with my dad and cheerleading in high school. It also reminds me of Friday afternoons when one of my college roommates and I did not have class so we watched movies and took naps on her futon.

I am not sure why all of this came to me this morning, but it did. Greg had just left for work and I was finishing my make-up. I took one last look at myself in the mirror and I realized that I was changing so much. When I think of what I look like, I think of the girl who always had a ponytail with a bow in her hair. But then I look in the mirror I see someone different, yet familiar. She has a more slender face now. She looks as though she has stayed up too late some nights. She looks as though she has had some days she would like to forget, but if I look in her eyes I see that she carries the memory of many, many days that she is thankful for and would relive all over again.

Not that every day is perfect, but I am not exactly a person who should complain about anything. I married a man I am not sure I deserve some days, I have a job that I love, a nephew who smiles at me, a sister who thinks of me almost every minute of every day, a mother who has been a true example and inspiration to my life, a brother who has discovered that his sister is pretty cool and does love him, friends who would drop everything in their life to help me, and some great stories. If there was one thing that I could have that I do not, is for time to slow down. But, like the saying goes, time flies when you are having fun. So, I guess I am having a lot of fun.

My ten year high school reunion is coming up next year. Even though ten years does not sound like a long time, it is just over a third of my life. It is hard to believe that yesterday I was 17 and today I am 27. Did I pack as much into those years as I could? Is there a secret to slowing down time? How many days could I really go without any sleep?

The questions of the ages.... I ask them now and a hundred years from now, someone will ask them again.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Oh No!!! My Car

About three weeks ago I was involved in a 5 car pile up. Sounds bad, which it was, but not as bad for me. At least that is what I thought.

I was in my first accident a year ago. I went 9 years without being involved in an accident or getting a speeding ticket and that has changed now. It all started at a light in north Atlanta last fall. I was rear-ended by another car so I learned that when I approach a light to always look in my review mirror. And thank God I did. Three weeks ago, I approached a light, I was the 4th car in line and I looked behind me and a delivery truck was coming up pretty fast. It was not the kind of fast that you think, "Gosh, they need to slow down or they are going to have a hard time stopping." It was a "Oh, Sugar!!! This truck is not going to be able to stop!" And sure enough, this guy could not stop, but the two cars between me and him, helped a whole lot. As fast as I could, I looked in the turning lane beside me and saw that no one was there, so I darted over, but not in time. One of the cars behind me still hit me. The good news was that I was not hurt and the damage to my car was visibly much less then the other four cars. The two cars behind me were completely smashed and all three people were carried away on stretchers. The delivery truck was banged up, but drivable and the 4th car lost a side mirror and probably needs a new passenger side door.

My car was examined, I took it into the shop and they took it apart. I just got a phone call and they found more damage to the car then meets the eye. Not a comforting thought considering that fact that I have been driving it the last three weeks. From what I gather, my floor board is somewhat rippled in the back, which does not sound good, but they said it is not dramatic, so I am not too worried.

For my inconvenience, the insurance company is paying for a rental car for me. I am sporting a silver PT Cruiser. My husband is so jealous. He would love to be driving my pimp ride. But instead he is driving his masculine truck.

Looks like I will be a gangster until next week. I will not get my sporty ride back until that ripple is gone and it no longer veers to the right.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

All That Jazz
The last couple of days have been really busy so I did not get to report this after I saw it. Tuesday evening one of my girlfriends, Laura, had an extra ticket to see the play, Chicago. It was wonderful!!!!! I really enjoyed the movie, but something about the play was so captivating. It was showing at the Fabulous Fox Theatre and that is always a treat when I can see something at The Fox.

Laura and I met her mom and brother at Bridgetown for a brief dinner before dashing across the street for show time. We felt like kids, we were so excited. The actors were wonderful too! Everyone seemed to really enjoy their part and they really brought the characters alive. We left that evening as the curtain closed, with anticipation of the shows to come and our next night out to The Fox.

And that is show biz..... Kid.