Friday, January 09, 2004

What is really on my lips????

In reading all the bridal magazines and guides that I have, everyone advises that you make a trial run with your make up. Apparently on a ordinary day a lady must not wear make up that looks beautiful- only on her wedding day. So, it must be beautiful and must be done well. I haven't bought into that.....Yet. What I have bought is some Lipfinity. Oh! My! This is a girls' ultimate cure for wearing lipstick and still getting a kiss. The best of both worlds. See, Greg is like most men, he goes in for a kiss and does not close his eyes, he looks straight at my lips to make sure I do not have on the offending lip color which he will have to A.) wear or B.) hope that I will be kind enough to wipe off of his lips following our lip lock.

This has been praying on my mind for some time now. On our wedding day as Greg is told he may kiss his bride, he hesitates and then all I get a quick little peck, for fear that he will walk up the aisle with my lipstick on. Well, that won't cut it. No, way! So, after hearing about this Lipfinity craze I decided to give it a try. (This is where I wish I could insert music)....... Hurrah for Lipfinity. I followed the directions and a minute later I could give Greg a big smacker and I left no evidence behind. I am so excited! Now, I can wear my lipstick and get my kiss too.

I am a little concerned though. I was interested in what made the lipstick stay through coffee and kisses. It has perma color. This is apparently an almost paint type substance that can still be ingested.I hope this was tested on something other then a monkeys lips. For anyone who has not tried it, when you put it on, it is a lot like you are putting a thin coat of nail polish on your lips. I am just hoping that 10 years from now, test do not show that using lipfinity causes skin cancer or anything strange like green lips or a spotted tongue. Until then, I say hurrah for Lipfinity and getting kisses on your wedding day.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Here Comes..... The Mad Bride

One of my best friends sent me a great book that is sooooo me right now. I think I might become a mad bride. I have not had the naked bride dream yet, but I have had th really weird dreams where I miss my own wedding or forget the date. Things like that. I was really hoping that I would do a better job of posting, but I it looks like I am not. I will have to get better about that. I do have other things going on these days besides the wedding. The book club I am in is reading a great book by Haywood Smith, "The Queen Bee of Mimosa Branch", and I am going to be an Aunt in the spring of this year. Plus, Greg and I have done a great deal of work to the house over Christmas. That is something we are both really proud of.

So, I hope to get back to it. I need to continue enjoying my life and doing the things I want to do. I hope this finds everyone well and I am glad that the new year has begun!