Thursday, July 06, 2006

Total Geekdom

I have felt since I graduated from college that my field was special. And when I say special I mean that it is full of dorks. I use to tease my husband because he is an engineer by training and trade. I have since learned that I never should have gone there. I am sure that my field is full of more Bugs Bunnies and Daffy Ducks than his pocket protecting engineering crowd.

In this day and age, I think most folks know a thing or two about GIS (Geographic Information Systems), thanks to the folks at Google Earth. Google has shed a whole new light on an industry that is over thirty years in the making.

So, a colleague of mine sent an email out today with an interesting link. I read through most of them and just shook my head. Unreal what is out there. I think most of the kids who use to play Dungeons and Dragons are GIS Geeks. See for yourself-

What happens when GIS and Tolkien nerds collide


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