Friday, November 19, 2004

WHAT are you drinking?????

I am beginning to believe that if it is green, it is good for you. Now, I know green stuff from a pool or a lake might not be good for you, but if it comes from GNC, it might be good for you.

In my constant efforts to stay healthy, I will try things from time to time. Sometimes they are good and sometimes they are really NOT good. I have discovered the perfect thing to go along with my very crazy life though. Green food. Yup... Found it at GNC. My co-workers think that it looks like green vomit, but you can not taste it. I mix this stuff with juice or Gatorade and it takes on a really nasty color, but you can not taste it. The effects are great though! I honestly feel like I might be healthier after a week of using this stuff. Maybe I should wait until I have been using it a month, but so far, so good. The benefits are supposed to be great. Keeps your blood sugar levels regulated which I need, helps with your immune system.... I think it might even cure cellulite. Just kidding... I wish it did though.

Hopefully I will not be writing a panic entry in a couple of months about the green color my skin has taken on. You know how people begin to look orange when they eat a field of carrots everyday? Well, I do not want to start looking like the wife of the Jolly Green Giant.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Chocolate for my dog's soul

Before I left Reno last week, I stopped to pick up a gift for my sister and brother-in-law. Since Greg was in Tampa and I was in Reno, or sweet puppy was going to need to have a place to stay. So, for the second time in a month, my sister and brother-in-law were watching Cassie, again.

I picked up a t-shirt, magnet and chocolate bars as a thank you, and safely got them home. I returned late last Wednesday night and left the bag containing the gifts in a chair at the kitchen table. Cassie did not touch it on Thursday and she did not touch it on Friday. No, this dog was taking her sweet time. I honestly think she had enough of Greg and I coming and going and decided to set us straight. We went out to have a meal Friday night and when we returned Cassie had taken the bag with Holly and Mike's gifts off of the chair and tore it apart. The t-shirts were laying on the floor, the magnet still in the bag, and there were three chocolate wrappers unfolded and laying on the floor. It was hard to really be mad at her because we were both so shocked at how she got the chocolate. Judging by how she attacks other things that she gets her paws on, I would have imagined that she would have torn those wrappers apart. Somehow, she managed to get the wrapper off of the chocolate bar and devour it. There were no traces of chocolate in the house. Her crack addict behavior was all be needed to know to confirm what she had been up to. Cassie was jumping higher then I have ever seen her jump and shaking her tail feather as if her life depended on it.

We put her outside with the hope that she would take care of any business before we went to bed. When she came back in the house she drank a bowl of water in two seconds flat and begged for more. When we went to bed, we lined the floor around her bed with towels and plastic. There was no way I was going to let her throw up chocolate on our hardwoods or the rug that I love so much. But, alas in true Cassie style, she threw up in her bed and on her blanket.

The next morning she was still acting crazy and drinking as if she just spent a week in the desert. And, Greg and I learned that we can not leave anything out that Cassie might even consider getting into. I hope she enjoyed that chocolate because it is the last time she is going to taste it.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Stories that are too good not to tell

The last couple of weeks have been really busy. Work is great, just crazy. The house is in a constant mess because hubby and I have so many projects and not enough time, and I have started my creative writing class. But, life is too good to go unrecorded.

Our scratch and sniff weekend
I know I have mentioned before, my cousin-in-law, her boyfriend and their buddies, so this will sound just like them. If you are at all familiar with the importance of College football in the south, then you will appreciate this. This year, Greg and I did not partake in Halloween parties. We attended the world's largest cocktail party. That would be the yearly rival game between the University of Florida and the University of Georgia. Greg and I took Friday off and drove to Amelia Island to catch up with our group. This weekend there were six of us. Greg, myself, Cousin Brandi, Boyfriend Woody, and friends, Casey and Jenny.

We did not run into any famous people and we were not engaged in any fights. That is always good. What we did do, was take a boat ride to the game, let our nerves get the best of us until the Georgia finally beat Florida for the second time in fifteen years, then take the boat back to Amelia Island. We had a DJ who called himself, Hey You and he kept playing the Florida fight song, but called it the Georgia fight song. I approached him and asked if he even had the Georgia fight song and I do not think he liked that very much. We were all a little tired of hearing the Florida fight song though. I mean, have some respect. Having the Georgia fight song should be a requirement.

I owe some fabulous quotes from the weekend to Woody and Casey. I have never seen two grown men feed off of each other the way these two do. Scratch and sniff was something that we heard several times that weekend, among others which do not immediately come to mind. But scratch and sniff stands out the most.

Greg and I drove home Sunday in a great mood because the Dawgs were victorious that day, but we came home to find that.....

The Great Pumpkin Strikes Again

That is what we were greeted with when we came home. We had our thoughts on who it was and either our friends and family are terrific liars, or we do not know some other friends as well as we thought. Our yard was covered in pumpkins. It was hilarious!!! The neighbors thought it made great decorations. We rid ourselves of most of them on Saturday at a friends' wedding. They thought it would be nice to use them in pictures.... I still wonder if they had anything to do with it.

So, next year we are required to "Pay it forward" and bestow the gift upon someone else. I think we might have to do it to someone we really do not know, because all of our friends are going to know it is us, if we do it to them.

Life is good, life is busy and I love it. There is more to come as well. My nephew, Luke just experienced his first Halloween, I am in Reno still operating on East Coast time and I am knee deep in my creative writing class.