Friday, July 28, 2006

Sugar Rush

Well judging by my visit this week it looks like I do have Gestational diabetes that went undiagnosed. That explains why folks eyes pop when they see me from the side, why my baby probably weighs almost nine pounds right now and why I have two and half times the amount of fluid for the little rascal to swim around in right now.

So, to make things better, our midwife recommended that I go into labor on my own in the next two weeks.... Hmm... Can I order that up, schedule it on my calendar? Or can I just take a pill for that. She has recommended a pill; Evening Primrose oil to be exact.

Before I ran out and bought a bottle of it, I read about it online and there are some strange ways to take this stuff. From what my midwife said she wanted me to take it orally. From what I read online there are much more affective ways of using this herb. I have yet to do any of them. The goal here is for my cervix to be ready to go. Right now, this kid is not going anywhere. I am still carrying him pretty high, my Braxton Hicks are not painful and I have yet to have any sign of a real contraction. A lot has to happen in two weeks. Now, just as a side note, Evening Primrose is also suggested as good treatment for premenstrual conditions, as indicated on the bottle.

So, in addition to the Evening Primrose, I have been banned from sugar entirely and that is a hard thing for me. Sugar is by far my downfall. I think I must have the worst sweet tooth there could be. I was doing great all day yesterday, but early in the evening when I got home, I wanted something sweet so badly. So, I made a blueberry cobbler with Splenda... Well, it is a start. And just to make things worse, while I was on the way to work this morning I drove up beside a Dunkin Donuts truck and I thought it was only because I can not have sugar that I am seeing this. Well, just to twist the knife in my chest, while I was sitting next to the Dunkin Donuts truck a Hostess Cupcake truck went through the light in front of us. I knew that someone was trying to torture me. I have never even seen a Dunkin Donuts truck before this morning. I think these next two weeks are going to be more difficult than I thought.

So, I do not want to hear or see anything else about Twinkies, Ho-hos, Swiss Cakes, Brownies, Chocolate ice cream or anything else that is sweet... My fat little man and I can not have it.


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