Monday, February 14, 2005

Where is Bob the Baton Twirling Minister of Mirth?

So often I am reminded of the great friends I have made over the last few years and yesterday was just another reminder of that. A group of us were celebrating the birthday of our friend, Gwen at Agnes and Muriel's. We had great food, half of the second floor to ourselves, a fantastic waiter and decorations all over the table. As always, Gwen was beautiful and gracious. She just finished working on a house in Alabama for Extreme Makeover, Home Edition. She had pictures that she passed around, great stories to tell and over all it was such a wonderful day!

We all spent the afternoon telling stories, making jokes and making plans for St. Patrick's Day. For the life of me, I do not remember how we got on the subject, but someone brought up a local character we have, Bob: The Baton Twirling Minister of Mirth.... And I am sure I missed something in his name. It just happened that our waiter knew him. He owns a florist in town, and when he has free time he dresses up and twirls a baton around Midtown. Atlanta is known for having color characters and this is one of them. I have seen him, although I never got his story. Apparently, he began this after September 11, 2001. He knew that folks needed to smile again and what better way to do that than to make you laugh. Now rather than laughing when I see him, I want to thank him.

And to Gwen, I hope this is a fabulous year for you!!!! It was a pleasure to share in your special birthday!


Friday, February 11, 2005

Burning Black Eyed Peas

I have been working for almost a year now to make sure Greg felt confident that I was a good cook. We were both surprised last night that I messed up the easiest thing you can make. I burned black eyed peas..... No, I am not kidding!

See, I love to go home and hang out with my hubby. I work hard all day and I get so excited when I get home and he greets me at the door along with our little cocker spaniel. That is a great way to begin an evening. So, I rush to change my clothes, sort through my mail, ask how Greg's day was and start dinner. It has been really important to us to eat dinner together every night we are both home. And cooking dinner in our house is fun. Greg and I cook dinner together, we talk about what did during the day and hang out in the kitchen until it is time to eat. Well, I was so focused on the salad I was making last night that I neglected to realize that I did not add enough water to the black eyed peas I was making. I seasoned them, turned up the heat and let'em burn. Greg and I were just leaning back against the kitchen sink, chatting and I decided to stir the black eyed peas. I lifted the top, dipped the spoon in and found a thick, black layer at the bottom of the pot. Yikes!!!! How on earth does anyone manage to burn black eyed peas???? I believe they call that, not paying attention.

So, Greg had a double helping of steak and I ate up all of the salad and veggies.... Maybe I should learn a little more about cooking.... I guess it goes without saying that I will not be cooking this evening.