Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Pregnancy Police

Now I want to know, who is in charge of this specific group that seems to be bent on making sure they tell you that you are killing your unborn child, or ensuring that your baby will be born with three ears or missing a couple of fingers or toes. Who gave this group dominion over all those pregnant and why can't they keep their nose in their own business? I did not become pregnant yesterday and I do know what I can and can not eat or drink.

Which brings me to the caring folks that sometimes work at Starbucks. Now first off, I have to say that I have been pretty good. I am drinking tons of water, I have given up lots of food that I love like shell fish, feta cheese and alcohol. All of this with no problem. But folks, I am telling you, I love my Starbucks. I am sure there is crack or something in it because I have not once considered giving that up.

So, I am still traveling and I have a pretty good travel companion- my boss. He is the father of two beautiful girls. He hold his wife up as high as he does his mother because she apparently was the perfect pregnant woman. And even he does not give me a hard time. If I have coffee one day he does not say a word. We were out of town for over a week and I ate a cheese burger at least five meals that week and he did not call my doctor or my mother. So, we still get along fine. He almost saw me get real mad one morning and it surprised him a little that I was as bothered as I was. On our way to a meeting we stopped at Starbucks and when I ordered the woman taking my order looked down at my stomach and said "YOU, DO want that decaf." Not a question, a statement. I generally go for the half caf so I thanked her and said I would have half caf. Of course she just looked at me. I noticed after I ordered she said something to gal making the beverages which was probably something about the woman burning her unborn child with coffee. Needless to say, that was one of the worst cups of coffee I have ever had.... Very surprising.

Then, there is the kind lady at Target. I love to shop at Target, I could go broke there if my husband allowed me to. But, I try to shop smart and one thing I like to buy there is Gatorade. It is significantly less expensive at Target. So, last weekend when I was there, I picked up two large bottles and all the other odds and ends I needed. When I was checking out the lady at the register looked at me and in a meek voice she said, "You really should not be picking those up." ARGH!!!! I appreciate that everyone has the interest of an unborn child in mind, but good grief, I have not stressed over everything I eat, how much weight I am gaining and holding my breath anytime I walk by someone smoking just to kill my baby by picking up a 3 pound jug of Gatorade.

Unless I see a pregnant woman throwing herself down a flight of stairs, I think I will keep my comments to myself.


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