Sunday, March 05, 2006

Big A$$ TV

With a baby on the way Greg and I feel a new sense of urgency to do 100 things around the house. We checked one thing off our list today by purchasing a new TV. I took a little heat for this pending purchase a couple of months ago because Greg told a few of our friends that I refused to allow him to purchase a 50 inch TV. I just did not think it would look good in our living room. We bought some nice furniture a year ago that I want people to notice more than a big a$$ TV. Greg being the reasonable man that he is, thought the same thing. So, today we purchased a 42 inch Panasonic Plasma TV and we love it!!! We even got a huge deal on it since it was an opened box. That made the purchase even easier.

One of the next projects on our list is a new entertainment center to showcase our new TV. Those are not as easy to come by as we thought. I had a pretty good idea of what I thought would look good and Greg liked it as well. Our only problem is that we can not find anything close to what we want. We may have to contract someone to build it for us if we can draw it out right.

We also need a new rug, recess lighting in the living room, and the office needs to be cleaned out. There seems to be a theme with this entry and the last. Cleaning house, cleaning house. We so badly need to do some spring cleaning. Good news is that we started that a little today and hope to get a little more done next week.

Over all this was a great weekend and now I am going to prepare for the rest of the week.... Work is calling.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Long, long, ago....

Lots of time seems to have passed since I last posted... Well, it has... Oh, just 6 months or so.... Whew...

I took another stab at Polished Rocks tonight and just worked on something short. Short seems to be the best that I do these days. I am still working a lot and collapsing into the bad at night. But I have much more making me tired these days. Greg and I are expecting our first baby at the end of August!!!! Hoorah. So now instead of writing more as I would like, I am reading more. Apparently one must know something about babies before they arrive and this is not like baby sitting.

A new adventure for me!!! Which has me evaluating all my stuff now. I have several scrapbooks that I have not finished, we are going to convert the office into the baby's room so that we do not lose the guest room, and making the dining room/ formal living room much more functional by making half of it an office. I have started cleaning out my clothes and giving away things that seem rather unmotherly to wear and storing up a few other things that I think a daughter may like in a few years. That is if we have one.

I have been going through my books and picking out the ones that I need to return to folks I have borrowed them from and selecting other books to sale on Amazon since I need to start weeding through them before Greg begins throwing them out. He really is itching to get rid of half my library. Or at least rearrange it.

And junk! Just plain junk. I am not sure if I have anything worthy of a yard sale, but my gosh! I have stuff that just needs to go. Funny how Greg and I thought when we bought this house that we would never grow out of it. Well if we add another kid we surely will. I would have to get rid of even more things if I wanted to raise two babies in this house and all the stuff that goes along with them. The clothes, toys, high chair, pack and play, rocker, bed- you name it!!! A two foot tot will own almost as much as Greg and I together.

A new chapter of life is soon to begin. For now, I am enjoying wearing what clothes I can still wear and rejoicing in the fact that I can still bend over and tie my shoes.....