Monday, April 03, 2006

Baby batter, anyone?

My sister warned me that I would forget a lot of things while I was pregnant and she was right about that. One thing she did forgot to tell me was all of the silly things I would do to go along with forgetting my purse, cell phone and laptop at work. Or forgetting to let the dog out, feed her or play with her..... My sister forgot to tell me that I would lose all sense of fashion as well.

Yes, I have become bold and fearless with my dress these days. Prime example: Greg and I were going to a party and I was in a bit of a hurry. I just walked in from work and realized I could not wear my sneakers to the party. In my hast, I rushed to the closet, grabbed my brown buckle heels, dropped them on the floor and slipped them on.

A couple of hours into the party, I was sitting with my sister-in-law and some friends. We were telling stories, laughed at jokes and discussing fashion. One of the ladies in the group was talking with another guy near by about pointy shoes. She started pointing around the circle and the guy took one look at my shoes and said, "And she has on two different shoes." Oh, my!!! I looked down and wouldn't you know it? I had on one brown heel and one black heel. They did not even look alike. The only similarity they had was the heel height. A chuckle was had by all on that one.

And to add to my list, I have now left my cell phone at the office twice, I have forgotten my lunch, where I put my keys, and forgot who I was suppose to call back and why I was starting an email to a colleague. If this gets worse I am in big trouble. There is one thing that I have not forgotten and that is where I parked my car. At least I have not done that one yet.

The fun news in babyville these days is that we found out early that we are having a boy and just this last week I have without a doubt started feeling the baby move around. This morning, he decided to wake up when Greg and I went to the gym. That felt a little weird. I was in the middle of an incline exercise and I felt something like him rolling around while I was sitting there. Really strange feeling. Everyone who says it feels like butterflies or bubbles is right.

My final highlight for the weekend came yesterday when our friends Mary and Andrew brought their new puppy, Rosie by. I am sure you can read all about Rosie on Mary's blog. She is beautiful and she is our puppy (Cassie), new best friend. By the time Mary and Andrew took Rosie home, she was learning how to be chased by Cassie. Funny thing was that Cassie could catch Rosie and she was not sure what to do once she caught her. A learning experience for all.:)

Maybe if Cassie makes enough new friends, she won't notice when we bring a baby home......