Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Reason For Some Really Good Sleep

I absolutely love our bed and I wish I had taken the time to do this earlier. Tonight I bought several things that just made our bed heavenly. I am afraid that if I get in bed tonight, I will not get up tomorrow.

I have been using a Snoogle that my cousin and his wife gave me for my birthday. It goes everywhere with me. It has been absolutely awesome, but my big, fat belly is kicking it out of the bed every night. For the better part of this last week I have been waking up with it in the floor and not under me. So, I bought a body pillow tonight and I am going to see if I can hang on to that. The Snoogle will rejoin me after the baby comes because it is perfect for napping, feeding and proping up the baby.

Now, I did not stop with the body pillow. I bought a feather bed because I have always wanted one and it was on sale for a ridiculous price. I would be crazy not to buy it. I also bought a bed skirt because our bed sadly needed it to round out the look and if I was going to buy a bed skirt, I should buy matching shams. I also bought two new pillows. Our bed looks wonderful, feels wonderful and everything I bought was on sale which is even better.

So now I am looking at the list of things I need to finish tonight and I just can not help but think that maybe all of the reading I need to do can be done in bed. I hear a very fluffy and comfortable bed calling my name.

And this all started just because I needed a body pillow.


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