Sunday, July 31, 2005

Time is just ticking away

Hard to believe that one week ago I was spending my first weekend in San Diego. I have never been, so the excitement the week before was out of control. I work for a company that hosts a large conference there every year so it was a new adventure for me. Little did I know this, but there are a lot of users out there who have blogs on this subject, company and they kept great details on the week and meeting our company president. I slept little, talked a lot, drank once, met a lot of folks and learned that I do not know Jack.... If you are in GIS circles, I just made a joke.

One thing I was really excited about last weekend was meeting my cousin's new baby, Max. He is soooooo cute. We got some great pictures that my cousin is going to send to me soon so I can post them later. I just love this child. He is sweet, and soft and cuddles up in your arms and he has started smiling. You can tickle his little chin and he will smile some. I love it. And my cousin and his wife's house is just wonderful! It was built in 1917, the door is huge and solid wood. The original windows are still there which is cool because if you look from the right angle you can see the waves in the glass. They have a large bedroom with a beautiful chandelier in the sitting room and a court yard in the back. I was in love with the place.

When I flew in Friday night I was a little unnerved by the landing. If you have ever flown into San Diego, you know what I am talking about. The airport is in the middle of downtown and the runway ends at the bay. So, you are flying in between buildings and if the brakes on your plane fail you are going to be in the bay. Two things that scare me.

One thing I did not expect that I thought was strange is that San Diego appears to be the land of jacked up trucks. They are everywhere, no wonder a gallon of gas costs you $5.00... Okay, that was a little over the top, but it is more expensive.

One thing I really enjoyed was the low humidity. It made my running a lot easier, the tourists did not though. And the abundant health food selection was great. At least I could eat something that was not fried. Total plus.

So, I spent a week in San Diego, flew home late and was slammed. I made a game day decision on Saturday and missed an important shower... Lisa, when you read this, please forgive me... I am mailing your gift. Spent the day running around, working on the house, preparing for a shower today and going to a shower Saturday evening... It was a packed weekend. But I can not complain because I am sitting in the comfort of my home office, the husband is brushing his teeth and getting ready for bed and I am finally getting a little caught up on things. Life has been really busy.

Here is wishing a great week to all and hopes that I can crawl out of the pile of work I have to complete.... This is going to be another busy week.


Friday, July 15, 2005

Pink Panties For Your consolation Prize

I think I have mentioned before that I married a really wonderful and warm man. Well, it looks like Victoria Secret thinks he is wonderful as well. Last night, after cutting the grass and trying to get things dried out in our flooded basement, I locked my husband out of the house. Not on purpose I can assure you. We had just put our latest obsession, an Atlanta Falcons Tailgate bench into the shed and Greg was going around to check the mail. We are dog sitting right now, so I rounded up all three dogs, took them into the house, locked the door and turned off all of the lights in the back of the house. Then I walked to our bedroom and started making the bed. A couple of minutes go by and I hear all three dogs start going crazy. I assumed that Greg was coming back into the house, but I did not hear the door. Then, through all of the piercing barking I hear a knock and realize Greg must be locked out of the house. How thoughtless I felt. I run down the hall to the kitchen and start to open the garage door, then I look at the dogs, who are looking out the kitchen window at a very dejected husband standing at the window with the mail in his hand. I felt so badly about not checking to make sure that the garage door was open.

Once Greg was back in the house we started going through the mail and Victoria's Secret sent Greg a pair of free pink panties. I find this incredibly ironic because Victoria's Secret sent panties to a man who would never step one foot into a Victoria's Secret store. If I need a new bra or pj's I can walk in Victoria Secret myself. Greg will be ten feet away from the front of the store. In fact, I believe he would rather not be in front of the store, he might not want someone to realize that his wife is in the store taking advantage of Victoria's Secret being out.

So it appeared that Victoria's Secret is now trying to market to college girls who have a sorority fetish.Pink Universityhas been introduced and just in time for the beginning of school. I am not that impressed by their direct campaign towards young girls, who seem to be overly sexual. Yes, at eighteen and nineteen I still considered myself a young girl. But I wonder who would carry a canvas bag that said "Pink University"? Yuck... I guess I just do not care for pink that much.

Good news for today is that it is the weekend and Greg and I have a fun one planned. Tonight we are going to Bad Movie Night hosted by my dear friend Mary. She and her hubby Andrew have found their niche in discovering terrible movies. The kind of movies that have dust on them when you get them because they have been sitting on a shelf since they were released in 1971.

Saturday night we are giving some good friends of ours a party. One of our groomsmen is getting married in August to a lovely girl whom we all adore. In honor of them Greg and I are giving them a tailgating theme cookout on Saturday evening. We have a fun group of friends that we tailgate with before Georgia Tech football games, but most importantly our Atlanta Falcons. In preparation for the cookout, Greg has been working really hard on a bench that he made from an old Ford F150 truck that belonged to his dad. The mere fact that the tailgate is no longer attached to the truck is a store in itself. So, to make it a bench Greg painted it red, placed official logo stickers on it and built a frame that turned out nicely. We sat on it a couple of times, but the true test will be this weekend at the party. The next bench we are working on now is a John Deere theme tailgate. Gee, I sound so southern.

And as always I am still trying to catch up on all the things I have on my to-do list. I still have so many things going on. But life is still good. My own personal obsession lately has been trying to find some really comfortable, really stylish shoes without spending a super chunck of money. I am going to be in San Diego the last week of July for a conference and I will be on my feet all day- everyday. I have to find something that will not kill me and will still look good. I bought a pair of black LifeStride sling backs at Off Broadway yesterday, I am wearing them today to see how they feel. So far, so good. I have a pair of Naturalizers, but they are more like dress heels, which I do not need. They are really comfortable and some what tempting to take. Any suggestions????

Here is to pink panties and tailgates. Have a great weekend