Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Thanksgiving Traditions

For all practical purposes I have a pretty normal family. We eat turkey and stuffing for Thanksgiving and then watch football for the remainder of the day. We have no long standing traditions that were started by our grandparents or anything. Well, I am getting married in March and my wonderful fiance' is staying here for Thanksgiving- this will be his first holiday away from home. So, I thought about trying to start holiday traditions of our own. I asked my friend, Amy if her family had any unique or weird traditions and she said no. So, I asked if she had any ideas on unique or weird traditions and she came up with some that could be good. She suggested a sack race or a three legged race. Not a bad idea. I can see how that would completely convince our neighbors that we are crazy. Maybe after we have children we can justify insanity through our kids.

I am also cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the first time too. Greg (My adorable fiance') and I have bought a house and we are hosting a birthday-Thanksgiving dinner for my dad. Should be fun. I shopped for the event on Sunday and I came up with the usual items, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and rice. Since we will all be having turkey early in the day, I have decided to cook ham with a brown sugar glaze. Besides, I am not sure I would be able to cook a turkey anyway. I just always helped my mom, I have not learned the art of turkey cooking and it is an art. With that, I am trying to think of a tradition that we could start....... I have not thought of one yet.

But, what about the people who do not celebrate Thanksgiving? Growing up, it seemed that everyone I knew celebrated Thanksgiving. Well, I have a good friend who does not. She is from England, so I guess you can understand why Thanksgiving is not a big day for her. But, she has married a red blooded American and she has taken to participating in Thanksgiving rather well, so I have to give her props on that. So, I always ask her about what she and her family do. Do they celebrate, Non Thanksgiving, like Traitor Day? She says no. I was kidding about that anyway.

Maybe my new tradition could be making sure all of my friends and loved ones are remembered. That always makes you feel good. So, here is a Thanksgiving shout out to all of my loved ones- even the Non-Thanksgiving celebrating ones. I am Thankful for the world of friends and family that I have. I, of all people have much to be Thankful for.

Monday, November 24, 2003

A Wide World of Blogs

This may be the only time you ever see this, but I am posting twice. I was checking out another blog I like to read when I saw something that looked interesting. For all you bloggers and even non-blog believers, this is going to make you flip. There is a site dedicated to listing blogs of the world, or shall we saw "The wide world of blogs". This is a site to check out while you are surfing during lunch, or a way to find new blogs when your usual bloggers do not update for a few days.



Welcome to my new blog. My obsession with blogging is taking on a life of its own now. I have been reading blogs daily for a long time and now I want to do my own. I stay pretty busy so I may not post every day, but when I do, I hope you enjoy it. To all the bloggers before me- Thanks! You have been my inspiration. Hopefully over time, this blog will become much more interesting. Cheers!