Monday, January 31, 2005

Bragging Rights

I am sure I have not mentioned this before, but I married a Civil Engineer.... Now before you start getting visions of a pocket protector wearing nerd with tape holding his glasses together, I will go ahead and dissolve that illusion. While he is one of the smartest people I have ever met, he loves sports, works out almost religiously and makes me laugh like no one else does. However, I found out something new about my husband this weekend, that he failed to mention in the past.

We were having dinner with some friends Friday night, one of whom went to high school with my betrothed and I found out that I still have a lot to learn about my husband. I can now add another thing to brag about him on to an already long growing list. Get a load of this- I am married to a Quiz Bowl Champion!!!! Yes, while I was cheering for the basketball team on Saturday mornings in high school, my husband was traveling the state with other quizzers, debating philosophy and discussing the most current events.

I know I tell my hubby on a regular basis that I think he is amazing and I really do. He is funny, handsome, handy around the house, always helping me out and he is going to be able to coach our children in quiz bowl one day as well.Oh, my did I really say that??? A quiz bowl kid... My quiz bowl kid.

Maybe, if the stars align right, I will be lucky enough to have a son or daughter one day who is as well rounded as my husband is.

Cheers to all you quiz bowl champs! Especially mine.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Working on my BRAG

Our office just moved two weeks ago today. Very exciting! I have been gone so much though that I came in this morning completely noticing the piles of things that have not been taken care of. I have not hung my calendar yet and I am not sure where my notes are from a kick off meeting we had before Christmas- AGG!

I did three good things this morning- I got here REALLY early, I brought my Feng Shui book and the G in BRAG for my office. Yup- a green plant. I think I would rather have a green rug though, that would take care of the R and the G in one element.... I will have to work on that one.

Our new office is great, except for one thing- we are all so far apart now. I use to be able to look across the hall and chat with two people who worked across from me and my director could call me into his office without using the intercom, now I can only really easily chat with one person and he travels more then I do, so I am a little more isolated now. But I have a larger office then I did before and two windows so that I now know when the sun is coming up or going down..... It is a beautiful thing. So, before my phone begins to ring, I am going to hang my calendar and organize my day.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Return of the Mac Daddy Way too Busy to get on down to the nitty gritty...

TWO MONTHS!!!!! How does two months go by and I find that I am out of touch with everything? It is called Homeland Security Funding. As a state rep for my company little projects like that tend to become my life for a while. I somehow fell into the abyss, but my head is now just above water and I have almost reached my floaty.:)

I was telling Greg last week that while I was gone this week I should just take one night to work straight through the night so I could get back on top of things. That included my blog.

I managed to break every single new year's resolution I made within the first week. So, I think I am finished with new year's resolutions. I am now making new year's goals. Greg and I's goals for this year are new hardwood floors and living room furniture.... I think I can tackle that.... Maybe, a year does not seem to be long enough for me to do anything, planning a wedding barely fit into a year.

Here is to being the Mac Daddy at the disappearing and reappearing act~