Wednesday, August 25, 2004

This girl has gone wild

I spent two hours today doing nothing and I mean nothing, but answering emails. Our company had some server problems yesterday evening and when I got in this morning there were very few emails which is not normal. Three hours later I had forty something emails to answer and once I started answering htose, there were replies to those answers which I, in turn had to reply to again. How is that for a run on. Crazy cycle.

On top of that, things are really busy at work these days. I am still plugging away on tasks for a conference in September. Then I found out I really do need to be at a meeting in downtown Friday morning and there is another conference in October that I should attend as well. All of this in between phone calls, quotes and questions. My desk is a mess and I have grocery shopping to do. Lunch was more time for work and not for blogging or reading my daily reads. My stomach finally had enough and decided that it was going to bug me to death until I feed it. With that done, I was ready to go again.

I feel pretty good though. I breezed through a ton of things today and even made a lunch date with two girlfriends for Monday. I am good! I love looking at a list of things that are completed and checked off. That is a great feeling.

Now, I am going to run some errands, hang out with my hubby and my other sister (Holly) and grill some burgers. Maybe get a walk in and a couple of loads of laundry. The Olympics are still on too, so I can not miss that.


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