Friday, July 30, 2004

Shades of red

I have been working at my new company for two months now. I am beginning to figure out just how huge the company is and how small I am. You want to talk about being a tiny fish in the ocean, that is me.

I am getting into a new area of the industry and yesterday was my first try at it. My director and our high tech guy met with some various folks throughout the state. Things went really well and we had a great game plan when we left.

So, I got in the office this morning, very excited about this new endeavor. I started going through my notes and getting to the action items I had listed. I read through everything and started composing an email to get some follow up information that we needed to provide to the potential client. I listed everything, read through it again and I hit "send". There goes my email zooming through cyber space and being delivered to the contacts I selected. I am a big girl, I have just taken the bull by the horns and gotten to work. I am so proud.

This all takes place before my director comes in. I think I have done a great thing, being proactive and getting to the middle of what we needed. I am mistaken. Basically what I have done is played the part of the peasant who thinks they can just  march up to the king and ask for his crown. My director came in and informed me of who I was emailing. Apparently this is the Founder's best friend, he has been working for the company since it started. He is so important that he has an admin person who sees his emails before he does. Yup... that was not out of my league. My position did not come with an assistant, I am the fact finder, email composer and message returner. Suddenly I felt as if the temperature in the room increased by twenty degrees. My director said that I turned three shades of red while he was in my office. He looked at me and laughed. He said that this guy is really nice and won't think anything of it. It was probably a good thing that I mentioned in the first sentence that I had just joined the Atlanta office. That may have been my saving grace. Is wasn't like I just sent some demanding email to him, but I did list a couple of questions that we needed answered. You, know as if I completely knew what I was talking about. As though I was not a new employee who just took a crash course in the program a day before the meeting. You know, like I was out there with my "A" game,  corporate tycoon, all knowing....... completely stupid, out of place and pretentious.


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