Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Girl- Get your act together!!!!!

I hate it when I get off the blog wagon. This has become something that I really enjoy. Even my dear husband mentioned last night that I had not been blogging lately.. ARGH.... trying to be a new employee who is on top of everything and has it all together, is harder than it looks.

So, life has been interesting.... I got my first speeding ticket a month ago. I thought it was pretty pointless and BS to be honest, so I decided to fight it. I had to drive wayyyyyyy south in order to appear in court. Everyone looked as unhappy to be there as I did. The experience did not start off well to be honest. There was a man sitting behind me who kept leaning over and purring in my ear. I have never had anyone purr in my ear. That made me feel pretty uncomfortable. I really did not want to end up in jail because I was disrespecting the courtroom, so I decided that I should just move. The morning got even worse when I found out that I all I could do was tell them that I disagreed with the ticket and schedule ANOTHER day to come back and fight it. At that point I was pretty tired of the whole thing and I just ended up paying the ticket. I am still mad about that.

I also, had my first BIG presentation last Friday. After an evening of dealing with a program that worked and then did not work, we finally got things together. The presentation went very well and I now have a new client. Hooray!!!!!

This weekend I went shopping and I did not spend a dime. Nope! My friend Mary had a naked lady party. This was fun. A group of our friends came over to her house with bags of clothes, really nice things too. We spent some time going through the piles. I got a pair of jeans, two shirts, a skirt and a sharp red outfit that I want to wear the next time Greg takes me out. We took the remainder of the clothes and donated them to the Salvation Army for the hurricane relief. We dropped off six bags of clothes. It was wonderful! My girl friends have such great style.

Yesterday I had another presentation which also went well. That was exciting too. Right now, I looooooovvvvveeeeee my job!!!!

On the home front, things are even better. I have a wonderful husband. He asked me last night at dinner if I would like to hang some pictures that we set aside in our office. An hour later my bulletin board was hanging, along with a wedding picture, then we moved to the guest room and hung a large picture that has been sitting on the floor and the final hanging was the cabinet we picked out for the guest bathroom. Gorgeous!!!! I just stood back and admired how our house is coming together. I married a handy man- that is for sure.

For this week, I have more presentations to pull together and a very busy schedule to look forward to in September. Hopefully I will be able to keep it all together now.



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