Tuesday, August 03, 2004

I am really not a geek

I think I have mentioned before that I love what I do. I got lucky there. Baut apparently that has the potential for making me look like a geek. Everything seems to be going very well, my new job is going great, all except for the fact that I am swamped this week and I really should forego blogging in order to keep me from moving into my office. This time of the year is by far the most busy around here and I am finding out what it is like to figure it all out for myself some times.

This was very true today. I have a guy who is trying to determine which software to buy. Our tech guy and myself, met with him last week to go over a couple of different software options. We gave him a great book to check out along with evaluation software to use. He has almost read the 400 page book cover to cover. He has peppered my email account with various questions and they are good questions. I talked with him today because he had another question and I was not real sure how to answer it. I ended up having to spend some time reading a manual on it and then getting back to him. When I did, he laughed and said "Are you sure you are in sales? You talk about this as if you are more like a geek." That was followed by a good belly laugh from both of us and me ending the conversation saying, "No, really... I am not a geek. I am cool, really."

The moral of the story is; If you are having to explain that you are not a geek, you might as well give it up because you are one.


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