Thursday, August 12, 2004

The things you learn later

I love that my entries have been more of the light hearted and fun in nature recently. This one will not seem so.....

Wonderful husband and I went to a Braves game last night. Something we both share a great love for. Strangest thing happened though..... The power went out. It was really interesting to watch this happen. It is just as if all major league players have been taught this kind of "fire drill". The minute the lights went out the players all headed to the dugout without any hesitation. Security stepped back on the field and took their positions. There was silence for just a moment. It was getting dark and I have to say that for about half a second my heart did a little pitter pat. The announcer came on and informed the crowd of over 21,000 that we were experiencing a temporary power outage. He asked us to please stay calm, stay in our seats and do not block the aisle. Way to cover your bases I thought. By that moment, I was breathing calmly and just started taking note of where certain things were and making sure I was aware of my surroundings. Sweet husband turned to me and asked if I was okay (he is a true gentleman) and of course I was. I was with the love of my life, at a baseball game and everything was fine.

Everything really was fine. Ten minutes later the power was on again, the crowd cheered and we were back to playing ball. I noticed something though. When the lights went out there were several people around us who made calls on their cell phones. No doubt to ask if there was something going on that we would not know about. And I realized how in a post 9/11 world our first thoughts change. Three years ago if I was at a game and power went out, I promise you I would not be thinking about terrorist selecting a ball game as a place for taking out misguided and malicious threats. Things are different now. Thoughts run through my head like the fact that I had not spoken to my mother this week and she had no idea we had tickets to the game, I left my own cell phone in the car so there would be no way to make any calls and I was wearing flip flops which are not good for quick movement. I think it is terrible that anyone on earth ever has thoughts like that or has a need to think that way.

Not to get on a complete soap box on my thoughts of people who think it is somehow spiritually uplifting to go out and harm innocent people, just because they are not pleased with those in authority. Not to mention the fact that those in authority have no direct connection to the target these people have selected. It continues to make me sick and sad.

On a lighter note, the game was good. The Braves won 10-3 and I went to bed safe and happy. And thanking everyone in control that I did not need to be scared.


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